TalentReady offers multiple benefits for employers, job applicants  and individuals.

Benefits for Employers include:

  • Better Hiring Outcomes – predicting performance on all key non-technical attributes
  • Can differentiate strong applicants from each other, rather than merely screen out the poorest applicants
  • Is easy to utilise; does not require specialist staff to interpret the results
  • Can be applied to all fields of employment and at all levels - one test, no customisation
  • Is legally defensible -  TalentReady is based on the results of rigorous criterion-related validity studies
  • Is cost effective - TalentReady is offered under a range of pricing structures to suit your needs
  • Adds Value to the Talent Pool:    The set of exercises provided by TalentReady enables candidates and employees to increase their sense of meaning or purpose and hence develop their capacity to excel in all environments—adding value to your internal and external talent pool to help you build a reliable workforce.

 Benefits for Job Applicants and Individuals include:

  • Provides insight and self-awareness into an individual’s employability skills
  • Enables individuals to enhance these skills and increase their capacity to thrive in the workplace, through recommending targeted activities.  For more information, please refer to the Mind Games section of this site.

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