TalentReady has developed many activities or “Mind Games” to help you further enhance your capacity to thrive at work. 
All the qualities and attributes assessed by the TalentReady questionnaire can be refined.  You can increase the extent to which you are likely to feel engaged, motivated, resilient, intuitive, creative, and committed at work. 

Some of these activities may seem unusual; however they have all been verified scientifically.  References to the studies supporting each activity are provided should you wish to know more.  

You may also wish to track your development.  Once you have completed a number of activities, you can re-take the TalentReady questionnaire and compare your results. 

Please note, the TalentReady questionnaire can only be taken at >6 month intervals. 

Access to the MindGames activities is available only to individuals who have completed the TalentReady questionnaire.

We will continue to develop and add to the TalentReady Mind Games for your benefit.

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